Good news! "Music From Season 1 of HITRECORD ON TV" is now available for pre-order on iTunes. PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY HERE

The full album will be available for download on Tues. March 4, but you can pre-order on iTunes now & receive an instant download of “You’re Not The Only One” (the album’s a bit cheaper if you pre-order it, as well ;) 

Full track listing:

1) You’re Not The Only One (RE: THE NUMBER ONE)

2) Freestyle Something RE: The Number One 

3) Oh, It’s Fantastic (RE: FANTASY)

4) Beastly Beauty (RE: FANTASY)

5) Front Lawn Freak (RE: TRASH)

6) Freestyle Something RE: Trash

7) The Spaces Between (RE: SPACE)

8) Still Here Score (RE: THE OTHER SIDE)


10) Stay Away (RE: THE OTHER SIDE)

11) Freestyle Something RE: THE OTHER SIDE)

12) The Other Side Monologue / End Credits

13) The Money Tree (RE: MONEY)

14) Freestyle Something (RE MONEY)

15) Weep For The King (RE: MONEY)

16) Either/Order (RE: PATTERNS)

17) We Can Go Back Again (RE: PATTERNS)

You can check out the album’s hitRECord Community Credits HERE


Thanks again <3


Finally, I’ve been waiting

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